I Can Rise

I Can Rise

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  • September 12, 2016

Moshe Eisner is an insightful 15-year-old yeshiva student from New York, who is living with Muscular Dystrophy. He’s made it his mission to use the many strengths and talents he has to inspire others, and we are privileged to present his words of wisdom here.

“I Can Rise”

I try so hard to rise from the dust.
Because I know that rising above is a must.
But it’s so hard to fight all my wars.
It’s so hard to finally soar.

When people dub me “the kid in the chair”
And the title just sticks, every day, everywhere.
Is it because of my unclear voice?
It’s not my fault! It’s not my choice!

I really don’t want to live my life
With this demeaning label cutting me like a knife.
I really can’t stand when I “win” every game!
It isn’t a victory; it feels more like shame.

I don’t need A+s for the work I didn’t do.
I want to be treated exactly like you!
Now here is the bombshell. Here is the shock.
I love the way I am. It totally rocks.

Although you and I know there ARE bumps in the road,
I have something to share. It’s a secret code
For rising above every day of your life
And finding your chances to soar to new heights.

My secret involves just looking around
And finding a way for your growth to resound.
It’s just realizing that those around you are wrong
When they say there’s no meaning or truth to your life’s song

Of determination, will, and happiness
And a goal to fill the world’s emptiness.
I realized that were it not for you,
My inner light would never have been able to shine through.

Because you claimed I couldn’t hold on for too long,
I vowed to keep my grip and stay strong.
So, now I can soar. I can reach for the skies.
Now I can tell my peers…

“I Can Rise.”

This poem tells the story of my life. It carries the message that I want to spread to the world.

There was a time when I had big dreams about my future. But I was never treated normally. People only saw me for my exterior. My wheelchair and my breathing machine blinded them. They could not see that I was just like everyone else. They didn’t believe in me. They didn’t see that I was friendly, charismatic, and funny – that I was normal.

I was in seventh grade when I fell into depression. I believed them. I no longer believed that I would be an asset to the world. I accepted their judgment that my life was just an existence and nothing more than that.

But then I opened my eyes.

To this day, I continue to thank G-d for that morning when I woke up and realized that the world was wrong. I could succeed in life. I could grow up to lead the most successful life anyone has ever led. No one can tell me that I am a failure. I am a fighter. I am the best person I can be. I can rise above all the pain and use it to build myself into a stronger person.

I vowed that, from that moment on, I would make it my business to show the world how much a person can achieve when he believes in himself. I would commit myself to telling the world never to let others convince you that you are a failure and nothing but an existence. Anyone can succeed. I am actually grateful for all of my experiences because that is why I am where I am now.

Thank you for reading this. Please share it with others.

Moishy Eisner