Mishmeres Held Its Annual Oriention

Mishmeres Held Its Annual Oriention

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  • September 22, 2016

Mishmeres, the high school girls division of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, hosted its annual orientation last night. Mishmeres Heads from all over came together to learn how to make Mishmeres the best in their school. The program included speeches, food and games.

“We could have easily sent them a packet with ideas,” said Rivky Levi, a Mishmeres event planner. “The fact that we made this event shows the girls that we really believe in them.”

“Misheres’s goal is to bring a Shmiras Haloshon awareness to high school girls,” said Tziri Frank, Mishmeres Coordinator. “But it’s the Mishmeres Heads that really make this goal a reality”

Mishmeres is innovative, interactive and consistent. It keeps girls engaged in an on-going effort to develop the positive power of speech. Monthly themes come to life through eye-catching posters and slogans, thought-provoking newsletters, trigger-films and presentations designed especially for high school girls. This year Mishmeres will be in 93 schools worldwide which reaches over 13,800 students

For more information about Mishmeres call 732-905-9909.

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