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Tiferes Sends a Special Gift to Members

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Tiferes, the women’s division of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, sent out something special to each of its members. In order to make Yom Tov preparations easier Tiferes gave each of its members a Teshuva Derosha CD to listen to as they go about their busy day. In addition, Tiferes released a new teleconference series entitled “Vactions is Over, Now What?” by Mrs. Rochel Goldbaum.

Tiferes is local groups that meet monthly to watch an inspirational DVD by a renowned speaker addressing topics that are close to women’s hearts: parenting, sholom bayis, enhancing Shabbos and Yom Tov and personal growth.

Here’s a sneak preview of Tiferes’s plans for the upcoming year: Fascinating speakers will include Rabbi Leib Kelemen, Rabbi Dov Brezak and Mrs. Chana Werdiger among others, plus a new teleconference series with Mrs. Seryl Berman.

For more information about Tiferes call Dvora Brocha at 845-352-3505 x 105


The Shomrei Haloshon Year Has Begun!

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Birdrachov, the elementary school division of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, has been hard at work these past few weeks packaging over 7,500 kits for their Shomrei Haloshon program.
“It’s a great feeling knowing that each student will receive an individual kit making them feel special,” said Rabbi Shea Steinberg, a school liaison for Bidrachov. “Now all we need to do is get these programs to them and today we are starting to ship.”
Geared for the 4th and 5th grade, Shomrei Haloshon is Bidrachov’s premier program and is currently being used in over 160 schools worldwide. Shomrei Haloshon is designed to help children build life-long habits of Shmiras Haloshon using fun, excitement and plenty of motivation. The program includes 126 short daily lessons comprised of a halachah and true-to-life illustrated story to make the learning of Shmiras Haloshon as engaging and applicable to children as possible. In addition, the program includes weekly and monthly reviews that solidify these lessons.
“The Shomrei Haloshon Curriculum is very effective because it creates a tremendous awareness of Shmiras Haloshon in the most enjoyable and motivating way,” said Rabbi Pirutinsky, Principal of the Lakewood Cheder. “For the teacher the program is both easy and well-organized. It takes just a few short minutes of class time every day!”
Mrs. Meira Schur, Teacher at Arie Crown Hebrew Day school in Skokie said, “Shomrei Haloshon is the highlight of our day! After learning the halacha and reading the story, the girls and I discuss the questions. They absolutely love sharing their opinions and discussing the anecdote. Thank you for opening our eyes to this program!”
The Shomrei Haloshon program is available in English and Yiddish and starts on Rosh Chodesh Cheshvon.
For more information about this program please contact one of the school liaisons;
Rabbi Shlomo Dovid Ornstein 732-905-9909 x 132
Rabbi Shea Steinberg or 845-252-3505 x 126


TIC Talk releases new serial story

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TIC Talk, the teenage girls phone line from the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, released a new serial story entitled “Cabin in the Woods” written exclusively for TIC Talk by Menucha Chana Levin.
“I think this story will resonate with any girl going through a challenge in life… basically anyone,” said Tziri Frank, Director of TIC Talk. “It teaches you that in life it’s the effort that counts and not the result.”
The TIC Talk phone line offers many features that provides girls with entertainment while teaching them valuable lessons.
The new story can be heard by calling the phone line at 201-855-8255 and pressing option 8.