The Torchbearer’s Job Description

The Torchbearer’s Job Description

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  • July 16, 2017

Wanted: Torch-bearer. Looking for a team player to join several million others to shed light in a dark world. Help reveal the good.

This is the job description of a Jew: to carry our spark of Divine light and shine it wherever we go. Success requires teamwork.

Little Yaakov loved his rebbi, Rabbi Davis. He’s a true tzaddik! he told his mother. He does all the mitzvos every day!One night, Yaakov repeated to his father a story his rebbi had told. It was a fish tale involving unlikely miracles performed for Rabbi Davis’ ancestor, a shopkeeper in Prague. Yaakov’s father was disturbed by the mixture of fact and fiction. Nice story! said his father. But maybe your rebbi made up part of it to make it more exciting. Rebbi lied? the child asked, crushed. No! He just….The brilliant light Rabbi Davis shone into Yaakov’s world was now dimmed.

Whenever we talk about another person, we either help his light shine stronger, or cast a shadow over it. If we’re wondering whether we should say something, we can use this simple test: Will our words form a cloud or a magnifying glass over our fellow torch- bearer’s light?